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Burbank AYSO Region 254

This Region is Made Up of Volunteers

AYSO runs on volunteer power. There are 220,000 volunteers around the country making sure everyone plays! AYSO volunteers are mostly parents of current players, but also siblings, grandparents, parents of former players, neighbors and even active players themselves. AYSO volunteers give each child the precious gift of their time.

AYSO is a family experience. As an AYSO volunteer, a parent gets to participate with their child and teach the values of giving back to the community. Sometimes it's the whole family with parents, siblings and grandparents all getting in on the act.

Coaching and refereeing may be the most visible volunteer roles, but there are many ways to help a team or Region. Many volunteer roles require small amounts of time, but are very valuable to the kids. There is an AYSO volunteer opportunity for everyone. Find out how you can help.

These are the exact steps to become a volunteer:

1.  Fill out a Volunteer Form (explained below)
2.  Schedule a Live Scan and Background Check (explained below)
3.  Do the online safety courses AYSO and the State of California requires.
4.  Do any specific Coach or Referee training needed.

Step 1: Register to Be a Volunteer


As shown in the video, it takes just a few minutes to register as a volunteer:

If you do not already have an account, create an account by clicking
 Register Now 


If you do have an account, click Login

Once you are logged in, look for the Volunteer Tab and then click Find Volunteer Roles

From there you can Sign Up for the Roles you are interested in and complete the necessary Registration forms.  It does take a few minutes to complete the Volunteer Registration Forms because we complete a thorough background check on all volunteers in our organization.  

Step 2: Schedule Your Live Scan

Effective January 1, 2022, California AB 506 requires that all administrators, employees and regular volunteers in California MUST have a one-time background check as approved by the California Department of Justice to exclude individuals with a history of child abuse. This form of background check requires live scan fingerprinting. 

To clarify, a REGULAR VOLUNTEER is a person who has direct contact with children 16 hours a month or 32 hours per year, which applies to most coaches, referees, team parents, and board members who spend 2 or more hours on the field weekly.

I'm sure many of us have been live scanned for various organizations over the years, but unfortunately, live scan results are not transferable from another organization. So you need to perform this process for each organization you volunteer with. But the good news is that this is a one-time requirement. 

To help streamline the process and make it easier to volunteer, other Regions around us will be hosting a live scan fingerprinting event. For your ease and convenience, we will pay for this service.

How to Register:
2. Click on the red button in the middle of the page that reads "GET FINGERPRINTED AT A SPONSORED AYSO EVENT"
3. Input your email address in the box that pops up to receive a validation code.
4. Check your email for validation code.
5. Input validation code received in email in the box that reads "Please enter one-time access code"
6. Click Proceed
7. On the next page, input Region number "254" and select the submission that matches from the drop down menu.
8. Click Next
9. Then, input your personal Information
---Your LEGAL NAME must match your Government Issued ID, make sure this is accurate
---This ID will be checked at the Scan site so please remember to bring it with you.
10. Click Next
11. On the next page, click the "Schedule Appointment" button associated with our Fingerprinting Event (AYSO Special Event)
12. Pick the appointment time that works for you. The vendor will be there from 8 a.m. to noon.
13. Watch a short video regarding the live scan event
14. Click Next
15. Read the "Terms and Conditions" page; click "I agree"
16. A QR code will pop up. That will be the receipt you will need to present at your appointment. You can either print it out and bring it with you or access the copy that will be emailed to you.

You're now registered!! Just show up (with your government issued ID) and get fingerprinted. You will be one step closer to being cleared to volunteer!

If you cannot make it to the region’s LiveScan event, you may complete one of the other options described here: Online Fingerprinting Services for Background Checks. An FBI Channeler with Nationwide Live Scan Locations Near You! (

Here is the LiveScan form you must bring to your appointment:

Step 3: Submit Background Check

  1. Login to this website by clicking the Login button in the upper right.
  2. Click on the Volunteer tab on the left.
  3. This will show a list of requirements. One will say "Risk Status"
  4. Click the checkbox to the left and then click "Renew and Update" button on the bottom of the page
  5. For help on what to do from here, click here.

If you started this process and do not immediately receive an email:

Please search the Subject for: "Here's the link" (exclude the quotes) or use other terms/phrases such as: "Sterling Volunteers", "American Youth Soccer Organization", or "TheAdvocates". If you find the email and the link has expired, you must contact Sterling.

Issues with Middle Name or Middle Initial

The system may generate a message in regards to the Middle Name and may not let you continue. If you encounter this issue, select the option indicating you do not have a Middle Name (even if you do). This will allow you to successfully complete the process. We will follow-up with AYSO if this results in any issues with your Background Check.

Sterling website Login or Account Issues

If you encounter any problems logging into the Sterling website, forget your username or password and/or do not receive a reset email, please contact Sterling Support directly: Sterling Support email: [email protected] or 855-326-1860, Option 3 (8:00 am - 8:00 pm EST)

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